Environmental policy and sustainibility plan

In conjunction with our Environmental Policy R&M Property Group has put together a Sustainability Plan to help the company take meaningful action in terms of promoting sustainable behaviour across its business activities.
It covers:

  • Sustainable consumption
  • Climate change and energy use
  • Natural resource protection and environment enhancement
  • Waste production

The Sustainability Plan reflects acknowledged impacts associated with the company’s business activities and current specific objectives and targets. The Sustainability Plan is reviewed and updated together with the Carbon Footprint Statement at least once a year as part of the company’s annual management review, in line with its quality management system. It would also be reviewed in response to any significant change in company activities or the requirements of a specific contract.


R&M Property Group is at the forefront of using recycled products whenever possible. This year the company has started to replace traditional Portland cement with Ecocem GGBS on all 2017 projects.
Ecocem is a recycled product with a very low environmental impact which can contribute to LEED and BREEAM green building rating systems.
As its chemistry is slightly different to Portland cement, it also provides additional durability benefits to concrete, such as improved resistance to sulphate attack, acid attack, and chloride attack. It also gives concrete greater long-term strength and because of its whitish colour, it gives concrete a lighter, cleaner appearance.
Ecocem GGBS is increasingly being specified for its technical, environmental and aesthetic qualities by engineers, architects and the construction industry. View the approval certificate for Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing Certificate here.


R&M Propoerty Group has pioneered the recycling of materials from excavation or demolition projects over many years. Using latest equipment, masonry and other materials are crushed ready to take to the company’s recycling yard and transfer station. The products are then reformulated and reused on new schemes as part of a continuous commitment to reducing the company’s Carbon Footprint.
R&M Propoerty Group is a member of the Achilles’compliance network.


R&M Propoerty Group has established a training partnership with a company called Greater Manchester Construction Training. This helps the company tackle issues around skills shortages and offer career paths to young trainees to become the skilled operatives of tomorrow.

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