The UK’s demand for quality new build homes is at an all-time high. With more households choosing to rent, both yield and property prices are on a long-term upward trajectory. Many investors see rental property as an investment that’s safe as houses.

R&M Property Group is playing its part in meeting rising demand by building high-quality, sustainable homes across the UK. In doing so, we connect developers with competitive financial structures from private investors and institutional funds. It’s our contribution to an exciting sector that is expected to achieve some 40% growth over the coming decade.

PRS & Build to Rent Services

  • Site identification and acquisition
  • Investment potential due diligence
  • Planning support
  • Project management
  • Build & development

Never mind the weather – tourists love the UK. The proof is reflected in booming performance figures for the hotel sector, with room occupancy and investment yields both enjoying a continued upward trend. In fact, hotels received more than £2 billion of international investment in the first half of 2017 alone.
It isn’t just London that’s well loved either. Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Brighton are among the hidden gems receiving growing attention from both sightseers and investors. R&M’s Hotel Development expertise provides the key for investors and developers to enter this lucrative market and enjoy some of the growth benefits for themselves.

Hotel Investment and Development Services

  • Hotel Market Consultancy
  • Acquisition and Sale Support
  • Hotel design & development
  • Hotelier chain preparation & delivery

Our sister company, R&M Developments, is an established construction and civil engineering organisation that has provided quality services to these industries since 1982. Working alongside our sister organisation, we bring over 35 years of trusted experience, ensuring that your project is delivered on time, to the highest quality and to budget.

R&M Property Group is involved in every aspect of your construction project. From start to finish, we can help your construction needs by:

  • Sourcing the land for your construction needs
  • Designing, building and delivering your project to a specified value
  • Working with your architects, in-house planners and own operatives
  • Project managing all aspects of the project for you
  • Selling on the final construction

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Location is the law. In partnership with our sister company and Construction specialist R&M Developments, our team identifies land with untapped transformation potential for owners, occupiers and investors. And that’s just the first step. R&M Development boasts more than 35 years in construction, including work on prestige civil engineering projects.

In partnership with our development arm, we’ll put the planning in place to see your project through. We can also connect you with investor funding streams before delivering the type of project on which we’ve built our reputation as an industry innovator.

Land Development Services

  • Land sourcing & acquisition
  • Land appraisals and valuation
  • Planning advice
  • Brownfield development
  • Sustainability and environmental auditing

R&M Property Group Limited are involved in all types of property deals at an entry level that suits you.

Ways in which we can help with your property needs:

  • Providing you with details of our ongoing schemes
  • Tailoring a service for you with either below market value purchases for buy-to-let or inner-city buy-to-lets
  • Sourcing renovation projects for you individually or as a crowd funding opportunity
  • Offering bespoke properties across the UK at massively discounted prices, including those that:
    • Need renovation works
    • Are fully finished to high-end standards and design
    • Are fully furnished

The UK’s commercial property market is thriving. Formidable returns and better long-term dependability than the stock market have built a solid foundation for the UK as a go-to location for investors from home and abroad.

Whether purchasing or selling, you’ll find R&M’s commercial property experience adds value to the investment process at every stage. Our team specialises in strategic advice on funding, development and sale of commercial property across the UK’s major growth locations.

Commercial Property Services

  • Sourcing, acquisition & sales
  • Due diligence
  • Asset valuation
  • Project finance
  • Development & project management